Smart Cities

Smart Cities focus on their most pressing needs and on the greatest opportunities to improve lives.

In the approach to the Smart Cities makeover, the objective of Ritwik Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is to provide smart solutions which includes core infrastructure and gives a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment.

We are working on the areas like sensing, tracking, and big data analysis, where it feeds real-time data streaming and data insights on assets, particularly their consumption and performance. By merging data with machine learning, data analytics, and trend mapping, Ritwik Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is able to help achieving Smart City goal.


  • Drinking Water Management System
  • Solid Waste Management System
  • Smart Parking
  • GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Energy efficient street lighting solution

Ritwik Software technologies includes everything you need to deploy an IoT product: a device cloud platform, connectivity hardware, and even SIMs for cellular products.